Vincent Niclo is the child of a musical father and a mother who had listened to opera extensively whilst pregnant with Vincent and whose mother had herself sung opera.

Vincent idolised his father who taught him all about music and educated him in music theory. Vincent would rehearse and sing alongside his father but is thankful that his father never forced him to sing and let him make his own choices. When the young Vincent first sang publicly, he was so painfully shy that he would turn his back on his audience but his new-found teen confidence born of weight loss and a stylish new haircut together with the realisation that he could move people with the power of his voice enabled him to focus on his talent.

Indeed, the turning point came for Vincent when he heard Luciano Pavarotti singing ‘Nessun dorma’ on the radio. The sheer power and emotion of the great tenor’s voice moved Vincent to tears and he realised that this was the path he also wished to follow. After one year of training with Paris Opera’s Thierry Dran, supported by earning money on the catwalk as a successful model, he was ready to realise his dream and let music turn his life around.

A successful period in music theatre followed but his lucky break came when he sang for Celine Dion who immediately engaged him for a series of high-profile shows, saying of the rising French star:


“You are different…you go straight to my heart”

Celine Dion

She continues to keep an eye on his career and is very supportive and protective of her young protégé. Vincent also cites internationally acclaimed singer, Charles Aznavour, as a great influence on his career and indeed was recently fortunate enough to be able to spend time in the recording studio with the veteran chanter.

Vincent was also recently in the studio with another stalwart of the global music scene, the great composer, arranger, conductor and pianist, Michel Legrand, an experience Vincent describes as “unforgettable”.

This handsome, poised young man with the sunniest of dispositions imbues his stylish stage shows with the same sense of elegance that he brought to the catwalk in his modelling days, bringing flair and a keen eye for detail to every aspect of the event from his stage clothes to the lighting. Vincent feels deeply that it is his duty to ensure that his audience gets the very best out of the evening and is clearly someone with a lot to give.

“Singing is my whole life” says Vincent. “It’s who I am, it’s how I’m happy and I couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else”

Vincent has recently featured as a duet partner with famous tenor Placido Domingo “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” on his new album “My Christmas”

Vincent Niclo’s debut CD on Sony Masterworks is scheduled for release on May 20th 2016.